Dima Maroun

Partner, Environment & Sustainability

Dima Maroun is the Head of our Environment and Sustainability division. Having over 15 years of experience working on large scale infrastructure projects; Dima has established environmental impact assessments, environmental management plans and conducted environmental audits, during both construction and operation phases. She has worked alongside several international agencies such as the World Bank, the IFC and the Dutch Development Bank, to ensure environmental and social compliance to international standards, as well as the Equator Principles and ISO 14001. All her work has highlighted the importance of stakeholder communication and engagement, including gender representation.

Sustainability has been at the forefront of all of Dima’s endeavors in education, career and as a mother. Dima is a true supporter of engaging the younger generation to integrate sustainable practice in their everyday lives. Dima also likes to give back to the community and has mentored student groups in the field of SDGs, as well as attended and participated in internationally led food system summits.