Communicating Sustainability Effectively

Thriving Solutions’ interventions are focused on formulating behavioral change and communication strategies, designing and leading programs and campaigns that aim to change policies and laws, build alliances around key initiatives, and change specific perceptions and behaviors of targeted groups.  In doing so, we look for and focus on key pressure Points, People and Places (PPP) where a small push can make a huge difference. Through working with the essential stakeholders and  using a variety of channels that are appropriate to the target group, we believe we can make crucial inroads into changing policies and affecting actions towards sustainable, resilient and just paths.

Motivating and influencing peoples’ behavior demands a multi-disciplinary approach that relies on research, identifying the problem of the behavioral challenges, scientific evidence, education, psychology, communication, mass media, sociology and anthropology. It uses science for evidence, culture for change, faith systems for support and social media for outreach. It binds together unrelated groups linking and uniting them with a common goal to advance food and nutrition security as well as reducing the environmental impacts of the agri-food industry and building the food system’s resilience to shocks.

Advocacy and social marketing services include:

  • Marketing Research to assess knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and identify barriers and incentives to change.
  • Develop social marketing strategic programs and implementable interventions.
  • Design and deliver influencing advocacy campaigns.
  • Supervise marketing and creative implementation when 3rd parties are involved.
  • Program Evaluation.